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Video: Threadripper review, Core i9 full details, and Intel's 8th gen Eclipse | The Full Nerd Ep. 29

Threadripper review, Core i9 full details, and Intel's 8th gen Eclipse | The Full Nerd Ep. 29


Gordon, Alaina, Adam and Brad talk Threadripper, Core i9 specs and an 8th-gen eclipse from Intel Read More >>

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Feature: Reasons People Use Free Wi-Fi - and Why You Shouldn't!

Reasons People Use Free Wi-Fi - and Why You Shouldn't!

This month, cybersecurity company Symantec released the results of its second Wi-Fi Risk Report, which digs into the reasons why consumers, both in America and across the world, use free or public Wi-Fi. While experts have espoused the dangers of accessing public Wi-Fi for years, if Symantec's survey is any indication, the message seems to have fallen on deaf ears. In this post, we'll go over the highlights of Symantec's research, discuss the dangers of using public Wi-Fi and detail some alternatives.

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Video: How Apple can fix iOS 11 | The iPhone Show

How Apple can fix iOS 11 | The iPhone Show

iOS 11 is looking like another major revamp for your iPhone and iPad, but there are still a few wrinkles we wish Apple will iron out before the fall.

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Technology: Content Insider #531 - Choking Content Delivery

Content Insider #531 - Choking Content Delivery

There are Still a Few Obstacles to Smooth, Beautiful OTT Viewing

Unlimited data is a lot like insurance. It's great as long as you don't use it. If you're enjoying your entertainment OTT then published download data speeds can vary...dramatically. I like Britian's new rule if you "sell" a service with a given speed then that's what you provide the customer to the TV, computer, smatphone, whatever. Or else! Even the best content delivery folks - Akami, Limelight, CDNetworks, Facebook, Google, Amazon - ultimately have to deliver through your provider. SMPTE, IEEE and other standards groups are working to make your streams take up less space on "their" pipes.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #530 - The Fickle World of Customer Satisfaction

Content Insider #530 - The Fickle World of Customer Satisfaction

Customers are Hard to Win, Harder to Keep

It's so great we have tons of data about customers that they give us - willingly, eagerly. We have AI technology that anticipates their every want/need even before they know it. We have automated systems that zip it to them, bills em, answers their every question (also before they ask) and still they are so fickle that they'll change products, brands because we didn't do one little thing...listen. Really wierd how things work today because we're to busy checking/updating Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, email, texts, chat, stuff. Listen? What do customers think we are Alexa or Siri? Listening is one of the most difficult/easiest jobs people in the industry have today. Just work at it...a little!

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Technology: Content Insider #529 - Cloudy Weather

Content Insider #529 - Cloudy Weather

We'll Spend Time in the Clouds, Even with the Storms

While Lloyds of London says a really good cyber attack could cost the global economy $53B and daily smaller breakins will rack up $1M here, $1M there it doesn't slow the migration to the major (and minor) cloud service providers around the globe. What's worse even though people know the danger and things they need to do to protect their company and themselves - like keep your software updated and use robust passwords and virus/malware protection solutions - doesn't happen. Updates are a pain and complex passwords are too tough to remember so what the heck use the same one for everything. It won't bother you until you can't get your entertainment stuff then hear the screams and profanity. Good content needs to be protected to be enjoyed so "doing the right thing and benefitting" is up to you.

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